UPDATE: I've recently written a book entitled Recovering Agency: Lifting the Veil of Mormon Mind Control. The new website, at Recovering Agency contains all of these articles, some of them updated, plus new resources. This older site is not being maintained, but will remain online as an archive.

This site began as a repository for articles on the psychological impact of Mormonism on its members, prospective members, and ex-members.

The articles on this site are written by Luna Flesher. Luna (born with a different first name, changed for personal reasons) spent her entire childhood and early adulthood in the Mormon Church. She left after realizing that no human being could ever understand a higher being such as God and his/her/its/their plan, and those who claimed to do so were either lying or mistaken.

After several years outside the Church, Luna realized many of her personal growth roadblocks may stem from unresolved psychological issues caused by the Church, and so she began her quest to understand her experiences and how they effected her inner-life.

Her quest lead her to study cults, and found many similarities between other cults and Mormonism.

The purpose of this site is to document aspects of mind control, cult dynamics, psychology, and recovery issues within the context of Mormonism.

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